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Growing Professionally and Personally Within a Family Business (with David K. Sargent)

In a family business, how do you overcome being the Owner’s Child? What can you do to ensure success on your own merits? How do you lead a team that may initially question your qualifications?

Master Your Internal Board Meeting (with Dr. Shannan Crawford)

Why is the success of an organization dependent on the health – not just physical health, but also mental and spiritual health - of the leader? When the microculture of a team is set by leadership, how can business owners refocus the parts of their own brains to help cultivate their employees’ most forward-thinking and creative efforts?

Overcoming the Challenges of a Family Business (with Dr. Keanon Alderson)

What are the challenges of creating, working for, or taking over a family business? What are the strengths a family business needs to succeed? How can you avoid the pitfalls that cause the high failure rate in succession of a family business?

Bringing CPA Firms into the Future (with Jackie Meyer)

How can you shed 60% of your client base and still grow? How can a CPA take time off right before April 15, a notorious deadline in the industry, while others are sweating and working overtime? How can setting boundaries with your clients lead to a prosperous, more holistic business?

Sustainable Growth: Steering a Battleship vs. a Speedboat (with Joseph Ferrell)

How do you combine four very different personalities into a leadership team working toward a common goal? What kind of resolve does it take to make changes to a strategy that is already working?

Love People Through Housing (with Lane Beene)

How can recognizing the need to pivot your plans lead to a bigger sense of purpose? How can facing the reality that you are better off partnering with others, rather than going it alone, build greater success?

Putting Values First for Sustainable Success (with Stacey Pearson)

How important are a company’s values to its growth and success? What can a business owner do to ensure their team buys in to the company culture and lives those values daily? And how can you take them even further and affect a community in need?

Advancing Through Life's Detours (with Larry Bell)

How can being involved in organizations during your youth prepare you for unexpected events in your business future? Where do you turn for advice when you feel overwhelmed by responsibility, and you are having to learn as you go? And when personal tragedy strikes, how can the planning of one individual transform entire communities?

Changing Attitudes Through Fearless Entrepreneurship (with Valerie Freeman)

How can following your instincts when presented with the challenges of new strategy, new technology, and inequality in the workplace create an opportunity that transforms the business landscape of a city? How can collaboration take you further than sole pursuits and grow your business exponentially? And how can you take what you’ve built and do even more for others?

Workforce Trends and Drivers (with Daniel Pullin)

How can companies struggling with an employment landscape that is “opportunity long and talent short” attract future team members for the long haul? How can nurturing an emotional connection for your existing team to your company’s values position your company to attain the best, right-fit employees? What are the differences between Millennials and Generation Z, coming out of colleges today, and how can understanding those differences give you an edge in your talent management strategy?