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A Creative Spirit Grounded in Principles (with Janeé Hill)

February 24th, 2023

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​Why is it important to train people how to treat you? How can knowing your guiding principles establish your path to success? How can leveraging your capabilities affect not only your future, but the future of those around you?

Listen as our guest, Janeé Hill, shares why it’s necessary to lean into the hard stuff, why giving should be about more than just money, and how it is never too late to be the person you were destined to be.

A Creative Spirit Grounded in Principles

By Jeff Holler

Despite running a marketing business, Janeé Hill offers some unexpected advice on marketing priorities.

“So many marketers tell small business ‘You’ve got to be marketing.’ While that’s absolutely true, if you are building a brand, don’t rush to market it yet. You need to have a solid foundation first. I have seen so many small or midsize businesses do an aggressive marketing campaign and they don’t have the infrastructure to support it, or they haven’t really thought through some key things, and it sabotages the business. I would say get your solid foundation in place and work with a good consultant, because it’s hard to see the picture when you’re in the frame.

“With media and marketing services, always, always, always shop and compare. because it is a huge realm where people are charging crazy money for not a whole lot of results.”

Janeé’s Three Rules for Success

On top of this practical advice specific to marketing, in our interview Janeé shares three main factors for success.

1.   Lean Into the Hard Stuff

There will be aspects of any business you find unpleasant, but you have to know enough about it to at least oversee the work. “I’ve worked with people that say, ‘I don’t know numbers.’ You don’t have to be an accountant, but you’re going to have to be able to at least identify some numbers, so lean into that hard stuff.”

2.   Surround Yourself with People Who Make You Better

“I call them my sit-up-straight friends. These are those ladies in my life, those mentors that spur me on to make me better.”

3.   Give

“I’m not just talking money-wise. Give of your time and your talents, your treasures, because I believe that for us to be successful, it has to be more than just about us. When we give to others, often we are the ones who get so much in return. I would encourage you to get comfortably uncomfortable. Oftentimes we don’t want to give more than is comfortable, or even our time and our talents, we keep these very tight boundaries. I encourage people to open them up.”


Guiding Principles

In addition to her media business, Janeé founded Women of Excellence to work with high-performance women, a non-profit H3 Ministries, a recreation services  business Good Times Adventures, with yet another on the way, Unbroken.

Given these diverse undertakings and a huge network of friends and colleagues, how does she keep from getting pulled outside of her strengths?

“When you know what your core values and your guiding principles are, they serve as the hub and permit you to spin off many things that aren’t central to your purpose. There’s a quote that I love to use with my clients: ‘If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.’ I am very clear on my purpose on this earth and I’m also very clear in how I operate best.

“So for me, if there are projects that don’t fill all the check boxes in terms of my core values, I just don’t take them because I have found that not only does it not serve me well, it certainly doesn’t serve the project well, so I have to be 100% all in.”

What (or Who) is in a Name?

This reliance on her tremendous combination of God-given capabilities informed the naming of her companies.

“MHE3 is a two-fold name. It’s in honor of my own father and my Heavenly Father. The initials stand for ‘Make Everyday His’ but with the H in the center to remind me that we’re centered around Christ. And then my father is Marion Eugene Harold, with the same three initials and I get a lot of who I am today from him, so it’s also in an honor of my earthly father. And then the three is the for the Trinity.”

From this strong foundation of her business, Janeé has been able to stand in her faith in all that she is and all that she does both personally and through her business.

“The reason it is important to me to stand for faith in Jesus is that without that, I am nothing. I found that in the past, when I would compartmentalize my life, I would feel a little disjointed. I would be ‘sold out’ for Jesus on Sundays, but then not necessarily be outward about my faith throughout the week. I was putting a very important part of my life on the shelf during the week. Now, instead of taking God out of my week, I began looking for ways to put Him in. I was worried about offending people, I was worried what I lose clients over it. But for me, it’s not about putting it in your face, it’s about just being the hands and feet of Christ in everything we do.”


I encourage you to listen in to our full conversation where Janeé also talks about:

  • Renewal – How she recharges to maintain her energy level
  • Vision – The insight that led to her founding of H3 Ministries
  • Outsourcing – How she does all of this using contractors and only one person on payroll (herself!)
  • Networking – creating a hub of resources for women to do God’s will in their business, parenting and life.


Bio: Janeé Hill is a seasoned strategic brand builder, television producer, and motivational speaker. She is best known for her bottom-line business approach, out-of-the-box thinking, and making big things happen. She began her career in leadership development and performance analysis at Southwest Airlines before launching her own consulting firm. Janeé then started her own television production company, mHe3 Productions, committed to authentic, positive programming designed to make a difference. In 2011 – 2013, Janeé executive-produced and hosted The Janeé Hill Show, a television series that tackled everyday issues that single women face, with heart, humor and a hands-on approach. In 2014 Janeé founded H3 Ministries, a not-for-profit designed to share the hope, help, and healing power of Christ through media, mentorship, and life events. She is also the founder of Women of Excellence, a multi-media platform for high-achieving women to connect, learn, and grow. On the horizon, Janeé will be launching Unbroken in the first quarter of 2023. Unbroken is a multi-media platform that will feature all forms of media, live events, and an app, through which women of faith will be able to connect, support one another, and grow. Janeé earned a Bachelors in Radio, TV, and Film from Texas Christian University. She and her husband, Randy, live in Wichita Falls, Texas, and have four children.