The master plan that chronicles all your assets and strategies in one place

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The Family Desk Reference®

The tool that brings all your holdings and plans into clear focus is our proprietary Family Desk Reference®. This is your comprehensive guide to everything you have in place:

  • Closely held ventures and illiquid assets.
  • Investments, balance sheets, cash flow and net worth projections.
  • Strategies both short-term and long-term.
  • Progress on plans that are underway.
  • Estate plans, tax documents and insurance.
  • Everything each of your advisors need to accomplish their efforts.

I needed a plan that accounts for ALL the revenue sources we had created, not just the company income streams. It wasn’t easy, but TCCR gives us a consolidated view of everything.’

The Family Desk Reference® is an indispensable tool. Updated by TCCR on a frequent basis, it keeps you and all your Advisory Crew™ on the same page, propelling you forward with purpose. It lets you – and anyone you choose to share it with – clearly envision your future and how everything converges to get you there.

That’s a level of control over your wealth that most families simply never attain.

You’ve heard of institutional memory? TCCR provides that on the family wealth level. They help me keep track of where everything is and how it’s all related. Even my children can turn to them for guidance.’