True prosperity is more than just assets. It’s outcomes you can take pride in.

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About Us

No matter how complex the holdings, how visionary the goals, or how challenging the opportunities, we are only satisfied when our clients can see their future clearly on the horizon and understand how everything that’s in place works in concert to take them there.

Our vision is to help our clients use their prosperity to improve the lives of their loved ones, community and the world around them.

The Capital Chart Room Team

Jeffrey M. Holler, CFP®

President, CEO - Restoring the peace of mind you had before success became so complicated.

David Hopkins, CFP®, IACCP®

Chief Compliance Officer & Investment Services Manager - Your Investments answer-man.

Victor Heetai, M.S., CFP®

Planning Manager: Chief of streamlining everything in one place, right at your fingertips, aka your answer-man.

Angela Walthall

Client Needs Ninja-Warrior

Crystal Huff

Support Specialist - Ensuring a positive experience for each and every client.