The key to smart financial choices? Consensus guidance from your Advisory Crew™

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Your Advisory Crew™

There are a dozen routes to any destination.

The dilemma isn’t too little opportunity. Sometimes it’s too many options.

And when every recommendation comes from a trusted advisor, how do you choose?

Turn to Your Advisory Crew™

At TCCR we’re renowned for guiding clients and their existing advisors from every discipline to work in unison, evaluate new ideas and deliver consensus recommendations – just as a ship’s officers would advise their Captain.

Naturally, each decision is still in the hands of the client, but they can choose with the confidence that each course of action has already been fully vetted from all angles.

This nimble, flexible mix of professionals – of the client’s own choosing, not ours – we call their Advisory Crew™ because of the unified team nature that evolves.

   The Capital Chart Room not only brings my entire financial team together, they make sure everyone is doing whatever is necessary so that I’m never left exposed.’

A Collaborative Process

To achieve this collaboration we orchestrate meetings, typically quarterly, to draw out the very best from each role, including estate planner, tax accountant, company CFO, business attorney, etc. – all those with the client’s best interest at heart.

TCCR also makes available our breadth of relationships with expert advisors should you need to fill any unmet need.

   TCCR is my ringmaster, overseeing 3 or 4 things going on at the same time and watching over how they need to work together perfectly in combination.’

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