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The Book

Available in hardback, paperback, and Kindle versions at biggerthanbusiness.com or Amazon.com

Bigger Than Business is an outstanding handbook for any Christian business owner or CEO who is truly focused on wanting to build a kingdom-centered company. Each of the chapters is like one facet of a diamond. When read in totality, the reader will have a full understanding of the purpose and underpinnings of a kingdom business.”

Lane Kramer

Founder, The CEO Institute

In a society that urges us to separate our work and spiritual convictions, Jeff provides inspiring examples of those who have refused to check their faith at the office door. I came away encouraged and challenged to not only see business as an opportunity to honor God, but a call to practically and sacrificially trust Him with every dollar and talent He’s given me.”

Christian Ponder

Former National Football league and Florida State University quarterback

Bigger Than Business: Real-World Stories of Business Owners Living Their Purpose will help you become better equipped to fully and effectively serve God right where you are – in and through the business that God has entrusted to you. It will give you greater clarity about what you value, confidence about how you can pursue what you value, and commitment to relinquish your control of the outcome to the Creator.


An Act of Obedience

Hesitant author Jeff Holler talks about his first book

Long before I wrote Bigger Than Business: Real-World Stories of Business Owners Living Their Purpose, I noticed that the clients and associates who seemed to have the greatest joy and peace about them were those who saw their business as being directly linked to their purpose or ministry. I could tell they knew they were doing what God created them to do—and it was obvious they were determined not to compromise their goal to follow God’s will through their business.

That captured me, so much so that I sought to understand why that was. I turned to David Green, Founder and CEO of Hobby Lobby Inc., a longtime client and treasured friend, and he helped me see and understand it more clearly.

With that clarity came a revelation: I saw what they had in me! I realized I was not only using my unique ability at The Capital Chart Room LTD., but that I was doing what gave me the most energy and what I was most passionate about. Even more, I was doing what God created me to do in the place where I could give Him the most glory—in the marketplace.

That was 20 years ago. The book came much later. I blame Alan Sears.

Alan, the Founder of Alliance Defending Freedom, and I were having dinner together one night, and we were talking about this concept of business as ministry. As I shared what I’d learned and discovered, he looked across the table at me and said, “Jeff, you should write a book on that. There are several books out on the theology of serving God through our businesses, but there’s not many about people who are actually doing it.”

I almost choked on my salad. “I will never write a book.” I said it emphatically.

“Why not?” Alan asked.

“I like to write. I’m pretty good at it,” I deferred. “I’m just really deliberate and meticulous and feel it would take me forever.”

Alan leaned back in his chair. “Well, I just have this feeling—almost like the Holy Spirit is moving me—that you should write a book.”

I smiled. “Alan, it must be indigestion, because I’m not writing a book.”

Again, I thought I was being emphatic.

“Will you do one thing for me?” he asked gently.


“Will you at least pray about it—I mean, really pray. I have this compelling feeling the Lord is calling me to ask you to do it.”

That broke through my defenses. “I will.” And I meant it.

I prayerfully sought God’s direction and will for the next couple of months, and He moved my heart. I finally realized that I often talk to my adult Sunday school class about obedience to God, what a beautiful thing it is, and the amazing places He will lead us when we seek and follow His will.

That’s when I knew. I was going to write a book. I believed God wanted me to write it—and I couldn’t say no.

Then the Lord went to work. He started leading me to people who led me to other people. When I shared I was writing a book and what it was going to be about, they referred others to me that they said I should interview. This eventually led to an opportunity, facilitated by Dale Dawson (Founder and CEO of Bridge2Rwanda), his wife Judy, and Dub Stocker (Founder and Former CEO of Lonestar Resources, Inc.) to attend the Christian Economic Forum hosted by Chuck Bentley, the CEO of Crown Financial Ministries. Through that event, I was introduced to two of the people whose stories are featured in my book, and God continued to open every single necessary door from there.

I was indeed deliberate and meticulous—it took three years to write the book and get it published—but now its available. I know Bigger Than Business: Real-World Stories of Business Owners Living Their Purpose is divinely-inspired, and I believe that it will help readers become better equipped to fully and effectively serve God right where they are – in and through the business that God has entrusted to them, thereby fulfilling the purpose for which He created them. Even more, the book will give readers greater clarity about what they value, confidence about how they can pursue what they value, and commitment to relinquish their control of the outcome to the Creator.

I invite you to read it for yourself at www.biggerthanbusiness.com

And please enjoy it—because I’ll never write another one.

I’m emphatic about that. Really…..unless God has other plans.