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Thriving in a Family Business and Why Excelling at Being a Family is Important (with Dave Lopez)

June 13th, 2019

How do you achieve work-life balance when your work IS a family business? How do you thrive when working closely with relatives daily?

Dave Lopez is the youngest of five in a family where every single family member became a part of the McDonald’s system. After gaining experience in various positions throughout that system, Dave earned a position on the executive team at Lopez Foods, an award-winning McDonald’s supplier. Listen as Dave shares his advice on how to grow as siblings and executives as the company evolves, and how excelling at being a family is as important as excelling at business.



Dave Lopez moved into his role as VP Sales and International Sales for Lopez Foods after serving as direct liaison for all export business, as well as taking on roles of General Manager for Doroda Foods and for Lopez Foods. Dave has played key roles in company wide initiatives, include an efficiency enhancement program.

Dave and his wife Stacy have co-chaired the Ronald McDonald House of OKC Red Shoe Gala since 2016. Dave also serves on the Board of Directors for the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma (2017 to present) and is a member of the Downtown Rotary Club in Oklahoma City. Dave served on the Board for the Latino Community Development agency for a total of three years.

Dave and Stacy live in Edmond and have two daughters, Sabrina and Sophia and their son, Louie.


Dave Lopez Podcast Interview – Audio

by Jeff Holler